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Smyrna Vinings homeowners often wonder how they can make their homes stand out from the crowd in today’s market. Our team of professional, highly-trained Realtors specialize in the Smyrna Vinings home market and have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to understand how your home stacks up against the competition, what today’s homebuyer is looking for and how best to position your home to, in fact, stand out from the crowd.


A member of our team will sit down with you and cover the key strategies that we use to sell your Smyrna Vinings home successfully.

Not only do we use our local Smyrna Vinings knowledge expertise to ensure your home is positioned to sell, but we are experts in the fields of technology and using it to enhance our marketing plan. Clearly the Internet is at the forefront of all of our technology initiatives.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 92% of home buyers between the ages of 25-45 use the Internet to find their next home. We want to harness the power of the Internet and as such, we ensure your home gets maximum exposure through hundreds of relevant real estate websites.


We feature your home on wide range of strategically successful real estate websites to ensure your home receives maximum exposure. At the core of this Internet marketing strategy is

With the majority of home buyers moving within 5-7 miles of their current home, we have found that becoming a featured home ensures unparalleled exposure for your home, which makes you a happy home seller and allows you to reach your goals. is the #1 real estate site in the community. Don’t you deserve to be #1 as well when it comes to selling your home? We receive about 17,000 visitors a month currently to Because our site is hyperlocal, you are assured that these visitors either live in the community or are thinking about moving here.

In fact, so many home buyers are visiting our site, that we have over 5,000 home searches run on monthly. Being a featured home ensures you are front and center with all of these home buyers. Obviously, has become the prominent resource for Smyrna Vinings home buyers, so why shouldn’t it be your most important resource in selling your home?

We’ll be glad to meet with you to cover some of the key technology tools that we use that really set us apart from the competition and will allow us to set your home apart from the competition as well.

In addition to technology, the real estate team is part of the highly successful Atlanta Communites Real Estate Brokerage.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals and take advantage of our Smyrna Vinings home marketing system.

Afterall, don’t you deserve to be #1? Real Estate Team

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