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Precious Pets

Precious Pets

In today’s hectic society, worrying about proper pet care can sometimes keep you up at night. Can we really take that trip with Buster? Will the neighbors check in on Fluffy while I’m out of town this weekend? How will I get Cisco his shots working 9 to 5? Will Jade be able to hold it while I’m at work? Thankfully, we are here to provide these services.

Conveniently located in Smyrna Vinings, Precious Pets provides an alternative to kenneling your pets while you are away. Instead of heading to a facility with many other pets in an unfamiliar caged environment, your pets can relax safely and comfortably at home. We can provide companionship as well as everyday essentials like feeding, watering, walking, playing, and if needed administering medication. We give them the needed attention while you’re away.

We can also help alleviate the stress of trying to get your pet to an appointment. Precious Pets provides pet taxi services to and from your pet’s vet or grooming appointment.

We also provide overnight companionship, holiday visits, and all natural pet treats.

Phone: 404-610-8266



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