How to Contribute

It is easy to contribute.

Here are step by step instructions to add a post right to the blog.

Step 1: Go to the top menu, click on Register.

Step 2: Put in your username and an email address. The blog will send you your password, and the link to follow to signup the first time.

Register to

Step 3: Click on “Write A Post” ( the Manage area will let you edit your old posts, the comments are will let you manage comments on your old posts, the profile area will let you describe yourself)


Step 4: Start writing your post

  • For the Title, put in a meaningful title of 8 words or less (if you must have a longer title, put in a shorter word or phrase in the “slug” area in the right column)
  • Type in your text… use the little editor at the top to format text.


  • You can upload images into your posts. Simply leave the cursor where you want the picture within your post, then scroll down to the document uploader. if you scroll down to add to your posts.

Document Upload

  • 8.jpg Use this page separator button to break off a long post… recommended that you place it after your first paragraph.
  • 9.jpg If you want people to do “ratings”, put the word “ratings” inbetween two [brackets. anywhere in you your post

Step5: Pick a category. ONLY pick one or two categories.


Step 6: Add title keywords for search engines

  • Title: 5-10 words long, keyword rich.
  • Keywords: 1-10 keywords or keyword phrases, separated by commas.

Title and Keywords

Step 7: Only if posting an Event!!!

  • If you want to post an event, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Event Editor. Adjust the starting and ending dates and times. Once you have entered dates and times, the post will be published directly to the Community Events Calendar.

Events Editor

Step 8: Preview and Publish

  • If you want to preview”, click “Save and Continue Editing” and you can see what your post looks like if you scroll down to the preview area.
  • If you want to save for good, click “Save”


  • You can always log back in and click “manage” to edit your posts or drafts
  • After you save, the post will go into “draft” where it will be approved by an editor before going live. After you do a few posts, and learn how to do it well, we will happily give you higher editorial status, to make the post go live without editorial review

Best Practices:

  • If you are talking about a business, always put its full contact information, including address, telephone and website address.
  • 25o-400+ word descriptions… facts are good, local “insights” even better.
  • Photos are preferred, they make the information more relevant.
  • Links to any other related information should be included in post.