Closet Tailors

Closet Tailors

Closet Tailors Designers design custom storage systems to organize your home and your life.
You want to be organized, you really do. But the mere thought of pulling every last article from room you affectionately refer to as “The Abyss” just makes you want to lie down for a while. The thought of reorganizing it and putting it back in the same spot make you throw in the towel!

What if you could put the items away in a storage solution custom designed for the space, your belongings and your lifestyle? That makes it worth the effort! A Closet Tailors designer an get you on the path to organized bliss with a free in home consultation!

What Happens during your Free In-Home Consultation
Fill out the form to the right to make an appointment. The Closet Tailors space designer will come to your home, discuss your needs, take measurements then use proprietary software to design a custom storage solution for your space. It may take a couple tries, but eventually, you’ll see a layout that makes the most sense to you and then you’ll sign off.

What Happens When Your Product Arrives
When your product arrives you’ll receive a call from the Closet Tailors Designer who will schedule a time to install your new organization solution. You’ll get instructions on what to do with the items currently occupying the area.

On the day of the install, the Closet Tailors Installers will put your storage solution in place and then you can put everything into its new home and admire your newfound space!

Hours:  By appointment

Phone: (678) 643-0102



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