Business Partner Program is a community website for the Smyrna Vinings community. It has become the go-to resource to learn about community events, local developments, search for homes, restaurant reviews and information on local businesses, schools, parks, etc.

When new homeowners come into a community, they often want to learn more about their community, the best restaurants, which parks to go to, the local businesses, etc. provides this information, but we wanted to take it a step further.

Starting December 1, 2007, we will start a media campaign centered on the concept of the Ultimate Welcoming Gift. This gift will be a basket full of gift cards to area businesses. The customers will have a great opportunity to try out local businesses and have fun doing it.

How it works for the Customer

  1. The customer will register at for the program.
  2. Our agents will work them to find their new home in Smyrna Vinings
  3. Upon closing, they will receive their Ultimate Welcoming Gift
  4. The customers will redeem their gift cards at the local businesses
  5. The customers will be given access to post comments, reviews and feedback at on each merchant.

How it works for the Businesses

  1. The businesses contribute gift certificates to the program
  2. The businesses will get an exclusive content page on
  3. The businesses will get additional exposure through the program advertising through local, regional and national media
  4. The businesses will receive additional exposure and buzz through the social media aspect of the customers posting their comments on for others to see
  5. The businesses will also be given access to post comments, special events, etc. on

Why Join this Program

  1. Additional exposure for your business
  2. Unique program that will stand out and gain attention
  3. This is a barter advertising program, rather than the traditional cash-advertising program. With traditional advertising, you pay upfront and hope the results are good. With this program, you incur no upfront costs.
  4. The additional advantage to this barter program is that your actual cost is less than paying cash. Your actual cost is the cost of your goods or services.
  5. Very important – this program requires the purchase of at least a $300,000 home in Smyrna Vinings. This ensures that these customers are both local and have purchasing power to not only visit the merchant once, but to become lifelong raving fans.

Feel free to contact us to discuss this exciting program and to get enrolled.