About Us

com·mu·ni·ty; (noun);

  • a unified body of individuals
  • people with common interests living in a particular area
  • an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location

Welcome to the Smyrna Vinings community website. This site was created in order to give the Smyrna Vinings area a free, interactive and comprehensive site that will serve as a one-stop source for community news and information. This site offers constantly updated, pertinent news provided by contributors in the community including civic organizations, schools, charities, local businesses and many more.

Best of all, anyone can join the conversation. The Smyrna Vinings community calendar provides information on upcoming events and activities important to the community, from local festivals to sports league signups.

Our Neighborhood section provides information on all the Smyrna Vinings homes, condos and townhomes. It even includes the latest on Smyrna Vinings new construction. The Business section provides information on all the great local businesses, from your local florist to your local wine shop. And be sure to check out the Restaurants section.

We have all the info on where to eat when you just have a craving for something good to eat. The Parks and Recreation section is dedicated to provided the latest information related to area parks, new upgrades and so much more. The Real Estate section will have the latest on what’s happening in Smyrna Vinings regarding new developments and area improvements.

Ultimately, there is no limit to what a community can do when it comes together. SmyrnaVinings.com is just one way for us all to create a better community. Your comments and input are always welcome. The more involved you become, the greater resource we will be able to provide to those living in the Smyrna Vinings area or those considering relocating to the Smyrna Vinings community.

SmyrnaVinings.com was founded by Aaron Hofmann, your local Smyrna Vinings Realtor. Aaron orginally moved to Smyrna in 1996 and he and his family have been actively involved in the community.

“There are so many exciting developments in the community and so much to learn about and share. I felt that SmyrnaVinings.com was a resource that the community really needed.” Aaron Hofmann is the team leader for The Smyrna Vinings Team, a top real estate team partnered with Atlanta Communities.